5 Ways to Tell if your House Needs Painting

The Incredible Shrinking Board

Do you have a board on your house that looks like it is shrinking? No that is probably not your imagination. At the ends of boards are often the first place where symptoms of dry rot begin. Dry rot is caused when moisture is allowed to saturate exposed piece of wood for extended periods of time. Dry rot is not caused by the moisture, though. Dry rot is caused by one of several spices of fungus that infiltrates the bare wood which is carried in and propagated by water. The fungus contained in the water in turn begins to digest the wood. So yes, your wood is shrinking. But what’s a little dry rot right? Wrong! If you still think your house is fine despite the sudden wasting away of the wood and the new found knowledge that a life form is literally eating away at your home. let me introduce to you a little game I like to call “I told you so.” If you have a board that has the above mentioned symptoms take a screwdriver and with moderate pressure poke at the shrunken area. Done that? Good. Now you know why the game is called what it is.

The Paint Isn’t Peeling, Thats a Faux Finish

Okay so the paint is peeling on your home. If you have waited until this point you have waited too long. Remember our friend dry rot that we talked about earlier, well he has just been invited to an all you can eat buffet now that you have neglected your home long enough to let the paint peel. Sure the house can wait another year so long as you have enough money to buy that new flat screen TV, but lets put it this way. Would you rather pay for a paint job, or would you rather pay for a paint job plus rebuilding your decaying house. If the flat screen is more important than the structure that keeps your head dry, as a man, I can tell you whole heartedly that I totally understand. Fellas click here to learn how you can paint your exterior yourself, or ladies tell your husband to stop watching that newly purchased and come over here and take notes!

Your Home is not Supposed to be that Kind of Landmark

Okay if your were trying to tell someone how to get to your house and at the end of the directions you say something to the affect of “my house is the one that you can see from space,” its probably not an exaggeration to say that you need a paint job. Now I realize that an “ugly” house is kind of a subjective thing, but let me put it to you this way. Do you remember the primary color wheel that you used to have in your 1st grade classroom? Good now if the outside of your house is painted any of those colors, and you put it there, you have officially forfeited the right to ever make color decisions for anything ever again.

The Stucco Guy Told me that I Would Never Have to Paint my House

Okay so you have a stucco house. Now you had that house built say 20 years ago and the stucco guy told you, “this is the best siding that you can get (this part wasn’t an exaggeration 20 years ago)! Stucco siding will last forever and you will never need to paint it!” Okay that second statement there might have been a little over the top. Sadly enough, this statement is based on a true story. After my customer told me about this encounter I then asked him how long forever was. After I asked him this I could see by the deer in the headlights look that we had just made contact. Nothing lasts forever. If your stucco building has hairline cracks… or big cracks for that matter it is definitely time to paint. Hairline cracking in stucco is like having paint peeling off your wooden siding. If water is allowed to go into those cracks, water can then reach your wooden studs and we are talking to our good friend Mr. Dry Rot once again. So all together now, say it with me, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

Does my House Need Painting

Now you may be sitting here reading this article and all of a sudden wondering, gee golly gosh does my house need painting? Well if you had to ask yourself that question, odds are you probably do. A high end paint job can last you about 10 years, and sometimes more depending on an array of factors. Unfortunately, most contractors out there don’t do high quality work. Check the southern exposure on your home first for clues that your structure may be due for a paint job as that is typically the side of the house that needs painting first. Additionally when you first see that your building shows any sign of dry rot, paint peeling, chalking or any other signs of degradation do not wait! Having your house painted may be something you dread having to do, but trust me when I say that having parts of your home rebuilt because you waited to long, is far worse of an alternative than repainting your building as a preventive measure.

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