Cabinet Finishing by Hand Flowchart

This flow chart is what I would consider to be the result of a great failure. After attempting to make another how to video about refinishing cabinetry by hand, I watched the finished product and decided that I hated what I had created. The reason I hated the video was because depending on a multitude of differing situations (i.e. starting a project with an existing finish vs cabinets with no previous finish) the information simply wasn’t accurate with regards to process. Additionally some of the steps I showed in the video were inappropriate for some situations.

It then occurred to me that everything I hated about my new creation could be cured with a simple flow chart. So with that said, if you are thinking of refinishing a set of cabinets and don’t know where to start, all you have to do is follow this chart from start to finish, and it will guide you though the basic process. It’s simple, straight to the point, and guarantees a correct process. You’re welcome!

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Viewer Question and Response

Re: Deck Staining Videos parts 1 & 2



I liked your video on deck washing and staining. Actually, I really REALLY wished I would have seen it before I power-washed mine because I made the rookie mistake of creating start & stop marks and had to do it twice.  My question is regarding deck staining.  I saw that you used a brush to stain the entire deck.  What is your opinion on using an airless sprayer to apply stain followed the use of a paintpad.  I’ve seen this technique used in a couple of videos and wondered what your thoughts are.
Donnie (more…)
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Rust-Oleum Beyond Review

As a natural skeptic, anytime I read a review on a product my mind immediately wanders away from the review and immediately suspects that name brand x (Rust-oleum) paid reviewer Y (me) Z amount of dollars (zero) to write some puff piece to glorify whatever new product the manufacture is pushing. (more…)

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Magical Misinformation

So here’s the rundown. Trimline Painting Inc. had our videos featured on a website called (thank you for featuring our videos by the way) and on this website after every video posted, there is an area at the bottom where you can comment on them. Now negative comments are fine, and I will be the first to admit if someone has a valid point against something I say, and or has a different way of doing something. After all, there is more than one way to do most jobs. With that said however, one guy went though and commented on most of my videos with negative reviews and comments of what I did “wrong.” Since it looks like he (Magic Dave… seriously that’s the name he put) took some time to point out my “errors,” I thought I should respond to the misinformation.
Now at first I thought his criticism where going to be for things like the music I chose for some of my videos, or something of that nature but what I found instead was truly delightful. Mr. Magic instead gave me a treasure trove of cannon fodder to mock him with. So please, enjoy!


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Oil & Latex Based Paints – The 5 Minute Overview

Oil, Latex, why does this matter?

Oil and latex based paints are polar opposites of each other, and because of this there are some things that latex based paints are better at than oil and vice versa. Additionally before you begin painting you will need to know what kind of material you are painting over so that you do not have your job fail. In this article I will tell you in what situation it is a good idea to use each product and where it should be used. This article will also help you determine which finish you currently have on your project so that you can paint over it with the correct material. (more…)

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Low VOC Paint. Everything They Never Wanted you to Know.

Thinking of Using Zero VOC Paint?

Over the last five to ten years many paint manufactures have been producing products labeled and marketed as low or zero VOC materials. If you look into these products there is a ton of literature about how great these new materials are and how much better they are for the health of people and the environment. Despite the advantages I hear promoting Low or zero VOC products I have yet to read much regarding the drawbacks of these materials. In this article I would like to identify some of the problems I have found with these products to help you make a more informed decision about weather or not to purchase low/zero VOC paint for you next project.

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Never Use Spackle

Thinking of Spackling… Think Again.

It is nothing short of amazing how well we are marketed to. If you have a hole in your wall the logical thing that you would probably think is that that hole needs to be spackled right? Wrong! As a professional painter I do not own a can of spackle. I would speculate the the big box stores are responsible for your thinking that you need some, and to be quite honest, if I wasn’t a professional painter, I’d probably fall into the same spackle pit falls right along with you. When you go to most of the big box stores, they place the jars of spackle right  in the same area as all the painting supplies, when in reality the product you actually need to do wall repairs is often clear on the other side of the store! In this article I want to educate you on why I advise against the use of spackle in most instances and what products you should consider instead for interior walls repairs. (more…)

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5 Ways to Tell if your House Needs Painting

The Incredible Shrinking Board

Do you have a board on your house that looks like it is shrinking? No that is probably not your imagination. At the ends of boards are often the first place where symptoms of dry rot begin. Dry rot is caused when moisture is allowed to saturate exposed piece of wood for extended periods of time. Dry rot is not caused by the moisture, though. Dry rot is caused by one of several spices of fungus that infiltrates the bare wood which is carried in and propagated by water. (more…)

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Wood Preservation Guide


In this guide I will tell you everything you are going to need to know about wood preservation. This system will work weather you are staining a deck, a fence, a trellis or any other exterior wood structure. I recommend that you check out my video on deck staining prior to commencing your project and then using this guide for reference and additional information thereafter. (more…)

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How to Choose a Painting Contractor

Where do I start?

Okay so you need to hire a painting contractor, but who do you hire? Do you thumb through the yellow pages, and find the painter with the prettiest ad. Ya, right! You being the tech savvy genius of the inter web, search for local painters on your favorite search engine and come up with a handful of terrible web sites (more…)

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