Photo Gallery


Before Painting of the house and staining of the deck

After we painted the house and stained the deck.

I forgot to take a before picture of this home, but this is what it looked like 40 gallons later.

This photo shows an exterior we painted in San Rafael. Notice the Shingle siding. On the second story we first removed these shingles and then replaced them with Hardy Plank before painting.

This Image shows the second story where the shingle siding was removed and hardy plank was put in its place before painting.


Before we got to these doors they were in really bad shape

After we refinished the doors they looked like this

Cabinet/Furniture Refinishing

Before: My customer thought this old family heirloom was beyond repair... I think she would I agree that I proved her wrong :)

After: I love bringing furniture back from the dead.

My personal antique buffet. The Top was dye stained and the entire piece was finished in acrylic urethane. This Piece is an example of a "Diamond Finish" much like you would find on a piano.

Wood Preservation

This pergola was completely rebuilt as the previous one was rotten. After we had it rebuilt we stained it with a semi-transparent stain.

All of the wood structures you see in this picture were treated with a semi-transparent stain with the exception of the teak furniture. That was oiled with Penofin hardwood oil

Teak furniture before

Teak furniture after hardwood oiling

Deck before

Deck after an application of solid coat stain

Deck before

Deck after an application of soild coat stain


My Doctor's office. As a rule of thumb, always do a good job on your doctors stuff as you never know when you might get cancer or something.

This building was raw stucco before we applied three coats to it. First we applied a flexible primer coat, then a coat of elastomeric, and finally a finish coat of exterior low sheen.

A concret shop floor prior to us bead blasting the exisiting finish off of it and applying the new finish.

Click this picture to view full image. This thumbnail doesn't do this floor justice! This is the same floor as the picture before, after we bead blasted it and applied the new finish.

This is the before we refinished the mechanical room grey floor and blue raised pads

And this is after we refinished that floor

This is after we finished... oh wait, I lied. This was before.

A slight imporvement don't you think?

Dry Rot Repair

I wouldn't trust me with that nail gun!

Second story dry rot repair.

I was ambushed while climbing my ladder.

Hardy Plank going up in place of the once rotten shingle siding. We have too much fun when we work!