Wood Preservation

Sealing and preserving wood is essential maintenance for any wood exposed to the elements. Wood that is not sealed or has not been sealed in some years is susceptible to dry rot. To prevent the decaying of this wood it is imperative to keep up the coatings on all exposed wood structures such as that of decks, pergolas, trellises, hand rails, shingle siding, and exterior wooden furniture. These structures when exposed to the elements with protective coatings will last far longer than those left natural and will look far superior as well. People often forget the luster that these wooden structures once had. In most cases we can make them look like the day they were built, all while protecting them for the future!

Wood Preservation Service

  • Solid Coat Stains
  • Semi-transparent Stains
  • Clear Sealants
  • Hardwood Oiling
  • Siding Shingles